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KENDALL’S STYLE: The theme of how I dress is always changing, almost daily, but it always has an edge to it. Always keeping some alternative base or goth inspiration.

INSPIRATION: I would say clothing inspires me, I can look at a piece of clothing or an accessory and create an entire outfit around it! Lookbookers definitely are a huge help to creating inspiration also.

ONE TREND YOU’D LIKE TO SEE DISAPPEAR:I do not like those lace frilled shorts that have recently come about, they just look like tons of doilies stacked on top of each other and they’re too short looking on people. I might change my mind one day though! Haha!

STYLE CRUSH: Oh man, my style crush celebrity has to be Lady GaGa! Also Bebe Zeva and Violet E., they always look so well put together and completely awesome, and always keepin’ that grungy vibe.

TATTOOS AND PIERCINGS: I like seeing tattoos and piercings on people for the most part. No one likes to see a bad tattoo of course! Haha! But as for myself I’m most likely never going to get a tattoo, I couldn’t imagine having to see the same artwork on my body over and over. And piercings for myself, I like, but I’ve only gone through with piercing my nose and ears and that’s it.

IMPACT: Fashion has a huge impact. Of course when someone walks past you their fashion makes you size them up a lot, their fashion is shouting out a piece of their personality.

SPRING AWAKENING: I like to wear a lot of flats and light dresses in the spring. A lot of floral.

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